Paintless Dent Removal MN – What is PDR?

PDR is short for Paintless Dent Removal – the fine art of removing dents, dings, creases, hail damage and even larger dents from a vehicle, without the need for repainting or refinishing (Body shop repairs).

The Paintless Dent Removal Process at Dent Kraft PDR

Dent Kraft PDR’s Paintless Dent Removal MN works with the memory of your vehicle’s metal or aluminum. Using specialized hand tools, Dent Kraft PDR techs meticulously manipulate the dent to permanently remove it. This restores the panel to its original shape. Paintless Dent Removal doesn’t harm the original paint because today’s polyurethane paints and thinner gauge metal are very flexible. Paintless Dent Removal works from behind the damage so there’s no sanding, painting, or body fillers involved.

During the 1980’s paintless dent removal was expanding to the United States, but PDR was limited to the size of dents that could actually be removed. During the 1990’s PDR technicians in the paintless dent removal industry began to push the art of Paintless Dent Removal to new heights of capabilities, moving from small door dings to hail damage to incredibly larger dents.

Dent Kraft PDR delivers the “Best of the Best” in Paintless Dent Removal using the latest PDR tools and technology. We will make your dents disappear like they were never there.

Most small dents can be removed using Paintless Dent Removal. The original paint needs to be intact, not cracked. Edges are sometimes possible; All makes and models are PDR, paintless dent removal candidates, however, access may vary among different automobile manufacturers. Dent Kraft PDR prides itself on removing many dents other paintless dent removal companies say can not be repaired using PDR. Dent Kraft PDR’s paintless dent removal technicians have also mastered the older “muscle” cars, classic cars and collector models. These older cars have much thicker metal and older type of paints that do pose challenges. However, Dent Kraft PDR has become the preferred destination for Classic and Muscle car owners from across the United States.

Paintless Dent Repair performed on an Audi wagon – Dent Removal MN

Audi A4 dent repair via Paintless Dent Removal MN
This dent was caused by a bicyclist slamming his hands into the side of the door. The cost of the repair was $450. Using paintless dent removal, the repair was about half the cost of what a body shop would charge. A body shop would have to paint the panels next to the damage to blend the color of the back door, front door and quarter panel. Using paintless dent removal, the car is good as new, original and the repair was done in 1 day! The client received 20% off the cost of the repair because he printed off the Coupon to Save on PDR. Paintless dent removal is the preferred method in this scenario. If we are unable to repair your dent we will provide you with names of several excellent body shops in the Twin Cities. However, Dent Kraft PDR’s paintless dent removal technicians are able to repair many dents others turn down. We take so much pride in what we do, that we are not happy unless you are happy. Call, email or stop in today.