Paintless Dent Removal MN – Maserati Gran Turismo Dent Repair – Passenger Door

Maserati Gran Turismo Dent Repair – When the owner of this Maserati came into our shop, he was upset that he found a door ding in his brand new Gran Turismo. He had been referred to Dent Kraft by a friend and he was told we were the best dent guys around. We explained to him that the dent was of average size but it was very deep, and near a body line. We explained that this can be a difficult dent to remove. The depth of the dent and its proximity to the body line adds stress to the paint which can cause the paint to crack. The owner said he was going to repair the damage one way or another, so if it couldn’t be repaired using paintless dent removal techniques, he would bring it to a body shop for conventional repairs involving body work and painting the door.

We spent a few hours working on the Maserati Gran Turismo dent repair using our paintless dent removal techniques. This involves “massaging” the metal back to it’s factory shape without damaging the vehicle’s paint.

This process preserves the factory finish paint job and eliminates the need for body work or the need to repaint. This paint preservation is very important because the initial paint is more durable than any secondary paint job. You also do away with the issue of color matching that comes with repainting panels.

The owner was very pleased with the repair. He was also very happy he would not have to paint the door on his brand new car.

At Dent Kraft, located in Minnetonka, MN, we take pride in our work and strive to provide the best possible repair. We want to do whats best for the vehicle and we want to make the customer happy. The fine art of Paintless Dent Removal allows us to save customers hundreds and thousands of dollars over a conventional repair found at a body shop.