Paintless Dent Repair MN – Pontiac Grand Prix Dent Removal – Left Fender

Pontiac Grand Prix Dent Removal – At Dent Kraft, located in Minnetonka, MN, we encounter dents of all sizes and shapes. We work on all makes and models, new and old, and discontinued vehicles as well. This Pontiac was parked in the owners garage when an object fell from the rafters and landed on the left front fender. The owner was very upset when he brought the car into our shop. We explained to him that we would be able to repair the damage using our Paintless Dent Removal techniques. We repaired the damage within a day and we saved the panel from conventional repair and paint work which would have cost the owner hundreds of dollars more. The owner was very happy to have a flawless repair performed at a reasonable price. He was also happy to have his car back after only a day as this was his primary means of transportation.

Here at Dent Kraft, we apply the fine art of paintless dent repair to your vehicles metal panels. Using these techniques, we can remove all kinds of dents, dings and other damage you vehicle may encounter through everyday driving conditions. We are able to preserve the original, factory finish which is much more durable than any follow up paint job. And because you don’t have to repaint your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about color matching the newly painted panel. You will also save hundreds of dollars over conventional repair using Dent Kraft’s Paintless Dent Removal techniques.

We also work with all major insurance companies for larger repair jobs such as hail damage repair. For smaller repairs, we can save you money in the long run. Most repairs, such as door dings, can be repaired at a cost which would be under your deductible. In this instance, your vehicle can be repaired without filing a claim and therefore, your insurance rates will not increase.

Dent Kraft PDR is also green, as we do not use any chemicals in the Paintless Dent Removal process.