Stages of working

Stages of working with a car for the period of covid-19

We value your safety and health, therefore, we have developed a new unique algorithm for working with your car during a pandemic especially for you. You just need to call and make a request for the repair of your car, and from that very moment you will not need to do anything else. Our specialists will come to the specified address, pick up your car and transport it to our workshop. We will carry out the necessary repairs, treat the salon with antiseptic agents and deliver it to you on time.

How It Works

  • Call to provide a description odamage on your vehicle.

    *(a variable estimate can be provided over the phone. A final estimate will be produced at the time
    of delivery

  • Schedule the time of repair& Drop off and pick up services are available.

  • Your car is repaired during scheduled period of time.

  • Your vehicle is wiped down, disinfecting all exposing points of contact.

  • We provide delivery of your vehicle, at our shop or to provided address.

Оbserve safety measures

in the work on your car!